• Research on Railway Infrastructure

    TSI has conduceted field research on railway infrastructure to capture tendencies and opporunities involving world's largest employer. Insights helped our client understand "time to market" specific solutions in this domain...

We are a global and innovative consulting company,
delivering the great power of Research

We help you strategize, innovate and design by making critical information available to you.

We delve your world for this and bring out mission critical quantitative data, user insights and the real pulse of people who are going to use your products and services. We provide services in Research and Consulting.

Our specialization and proven track record in planning, design and perceptive research in subjects of Product Design, UI & UX design and Brand design will bring high quality research information to your table.

Our Research Services

With our experience of over 10 years in the field of research, we have capabilities to provide research and consulting services in multitude of domains. We have provided research and consulting in:

  1. Macro Survey data
  2. Field Research
  3. Ethnographic Research
  4. Visit Surveys
  5. In depth Interviews
  6. Focus Groups
  7. Marketability Research
  8. Expert Interviews and Industry Research
  9. Design Clinic
  10. Emotional Reseach

TSI's research method

We are global and innovative consulting company, delivering the great power of Research based on global network including Japan.

TSI has employed various techniques to analyze critical information. Few of them include Ethnography, Visual board Technique, CLT, In depth Interview, Observation research etc.,

We do not advocate packaged research methods that are employed Euro-American design agencies ... Know more

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