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Staircases and Luxury

This picture was taken at Tirumala Music Center, Begumpet, Hyderabad.The interior design of this very interesting. The reason for the interest has some Indian roots.

Traditionally (and hence, even in Bollywood), we visualized luxurious home (bunglow) as something that has ceiling 3-4 time higher than conventional homes, large staircases adorning either side of the entrance hall and leading to more rooms on top. Till recently

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Celebration or Tying down?

This picture is not going to surprise Indians. Its a common practice to tie a red band while the dealer delivers a new car to customers and it stays for a very long time (probably till the mechanic at service station removes it).

This sight surprises many of those who come to India for the first time. Similar element can be found on Trucks, where they tie a black thread or a band with sometimes lemon tied to it.

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Packaged water or Mineral Water?

This is a photo taken on Nizamuddin Railway station in Delhi. Seen is a woman who is obviously not from Middle (or even lower middle) class, with a bottle of branded drinking water.

Few years ago, I would be very surprised to see such a picture... Most of us used to carry water in a bottle to avoid drinking contaminated public water... Now, we just buy it when

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Coke and the "Vegetarian Mark"

When it comes to introducing systems and standards, we are very willing to do anything that supports cultural interest. Why does Coke need to have Vegetarian mark? Isn't that obvious?

Time and again, things make me believe that India is not "Chaotic" but is "Emotional". Being emotional might some times make you chaotic. From our domestic to international politics, from internal to external policies, from

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