We have executed projects across length and breadth of the sub continent, from Metros to Off- grid villages. Below are few examples of our recent activities...
Field research: SME component manufacturers, Kolkata, West Bengal
Research project included organizing and conducting Visit surveys to various industrial clusters in Kolkata Metro and Industrial towns around it, Expert Interviews with the Industry owners, Field research covering retailers of products
Industry overview and market segmentation of Weather protection products in India
Research project included Macro Data survey of Manufacturers, Brands and Retailers, Interviews with industry experts on market size, future scope and boundaries.
Field Research and Macro data research for Pacakged Drinking water consumption in India
Research project included Macro Data survey of brands, Makers share in Mineral water and Packaged drinking water categories, Identification of trends and Key SKUs through Indepth Interviews and Field Research
Quantitative research to capture tendencies of Tobacoo and Related Mouth Freshner market
Research project included conducting Pen and Paper Interviews with consumers from seven identified Metro, Urban and Rural regions in North, West and Central India. The project culminated in "Personas" and "Design Cues" for development of packaging.
User Experience and Tendency research for ATM market in India
Research project included conducting Field research, Visit Surveys and Usability evaluation of ATMs in India. The project also included Expert Interviews with key Bank Staff and Macro Data survey resulting in Maker's share.