Approach: TSI's Research Method

We always try to offer optimal & customized services for each client, not in a perfunctory manner. We offer a comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative research services not only in India but also in ASEAN region and Europe/ US. We can provide deep analysis utilizing our wide range of knowledge and experience in Japanese and European market. In addition, we can add insight from our database for design research analysis. We conduct consulting services for product development, marketing strategy and design development for our client’s success to develop their robust marketing/ design strategy.


TSI is capable of providing and executing research services for clients in multitude of Domains. We have earlier Provided research services in the following areas:

Macro Survey Data:
By anayzing market tendencies, we present overview, maker's shares, market segmentation and future trends
Field Research:
We introduce real people to your strategic vision by conducting field research across geography, cultures and languages
Focus Groups:
We recruit the right people for you, understand and analyze their tendencies to aligh with your requirements and vision
In depth Interviews:
We conduct indepth interviews and report lifestyle preferences, demographics, Semantic, Psychological and social factors
Visit Survey:
By collaborating your team and our experts, we bring maximum value in a short duration by organizing visit surves to households, markets and places of importance
Ethnographic Research:
By living with your current or prospective consumers, we will be able to bring reliable data to your table. We deliver our insights along with transcripts for you
Expert Interviews:
We recruit high profile individuals with a specific experience and opinion to put forth future tendencies for you. This will help you align your vision.
Design Clinic:
We connect designers with your company to generate fast paced ideas through Design Clinics. We can connect celebrity designers from across the world for the same.