Each of our member has unique background that can bring about valuable contribution to success!
Yoshito Date

Business consultant with wide experience in domains of manufacturers, healthcare industry and financial industry.

  Hari Nallan

An Architect and Industrial Designer from NID, Hari has worked in domains of Appliances, Automobiles, Mobile, Lifestyle, Furniture and Interior products, Home entertainment etc.,

  Hoyumi Yuasa
Director, Business Development

Produce many projects by connecting Japanese design industry to overseas researchers & designers.

Rama Aleti
Director, Business Development

Designer from NID an Applied artist from JNTU. He has headed UX and UI projects for over 100 applications and portals in multiple domains such as Education, Training, Finance, Billing, Reporting, Analytics, E-Commerce, Entertainment ... just to mention a few.

  Deepali Saini
Director, Business Development

An Architect and Industrial Designer from NID, Deepali has worked in domains of Fashion and Lifestyle accessory, Appliances, FMCG Packaging, Handicrafts, Personal Care etc.,

  Kensuke Yamashita
Director, Business Development

A former car designer at Honda, he is a representative authority in 3D visualization. Currently he is a president of Cleat Inc.

Go Ozawa

An expert in finance and legal. He has extensive experience not only in India but also in broad Asian market.


Yayoi Akamatsu
Project coordinator

As a project facilitator, she promotes research & design project in India, also in other Asian market and Europe & US.


Alison Scott
Business Development

Based in Britain, she develops TSI’s project in Europe by promoting research & design project.